23 June meet: Cookery demonstration with rising star Rosie Lovell

Hope you’re enjoying the start of the summer – cardigans instead of coats, salads instead of soups (dream on!) and yet nothing changes at BBWI HQ – no matter what the season, we’re still churning out some fantastic meets for you all to look forward to!

Firstly, and most importantly, there has been a minor blip in proceedings and our June meeting will not take place on the third Wednesday of the month this month. Instead, JUNE’S MEET WILL TAKE PLACE ON WEDS 23 JUNE! Please, please take note and amend your diaries accordingly. We promise all other meets throughout the year will take place on the third Wednesday as we like to keep it consistent so we sincerely apologise for this month’s variation and hope you can make it work with your diaries.

Now we’ve got the admin out of the way and the very important date change in June – 23 JUNE THIS MONTH. TELL EVERYONE! – we can reveal the exciting speaker we’ve got lined up for our June meet – ROSIE LOVELL! Read all about her here and check out the delicious recipes on her blog here!

Rosie is the new city chef on the block. Five years ago she opened her deli in the heart of Brixton market. She now has an amazing cookbook out called Spooning With Rosie which teams her favourite recipes with stories from Rosie’s life: meals cooked for her family and friends, in the deli and at home. Culinary inspiration comes from the people closest to her, from food encountered on travels, and importantly from her fellow shopkeepers and their wares that jostle for space outside her deli: the piles of peppers and plum tomatoes; the Borlotti beans stacked up outside the Portuguese store; the reams of ackee in the window of the Jamaican shop next door.

With her own unique feisty elan, Rosie shows how to experiment with food and to have fun while doing it. Recipes are never absolute, but something to be perfected and adapted with time. Similarly, methods are never complicated – just thrifty, good food perfect for the occasion. Food that depends on who you are with, how you are feeling, and what’s in the fridge. There are recipes for the dawn chorus: food for the first wave of a hangover, or just to start the day with a bang. Recipes for simple dinner parties, made full of care, but easy to throw together mid-week, from warm roasted chicken with lemons accompanied by penne tzatziki style, to daddy’s Jamaican ackee and salt fish with fried plantain and coconut coleslaw.

We are salivating just thinking about it! Rosie will be doing recipe demonstrations of some of her favourite dishes and will also talk to us all about her background and how she came to set up her own deli. Don’t miss it!

“Meet Rosie, queen of the new café society. She’s a comfort cook who hangs out with musicians in her Brixton deli and knows a mean hangover cure..a Nigella for the next generation.” Observer Food Monthly

See you all on 23 JUNE! Same time, same place. All details on the blog here.


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    • Thanks for coming, it was amazing! Can’t wait to come and taste some of your lush food in the deli next time we’re in Brixton!x

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