Sept Meet: Gardening Time!

Having just about recovered from our last rather energetic meeting, we thought we’d take things at a slightly easier pace this time! What better way to get over the end of summer blues than to think of the positives of the change of season, bright scarfs and hats, warming soups and stews, and an array of lushous autumn and winter veg we can grow. The cold tends to mean people spend time at home, and so thinking of brightening …up your indoors is also a winter pleasure….

One way of brighting up your home both in (and out if you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space) is GARDENING! Yes, shake off those wellies and get your trowels at the ready ladies! We’ve got a lovely lady called Rosie who will be coming along to talk to us about setting up her garden design company, as well as giving us tips on winter gardening. Best of all, don’t think that a lack of garden will not hold you back, oh no, because as long as you have space for a few pots on a window sill we’ll have some tips for you! Everyone has a right to lovely plants in their life, so we’ll be showing you how to bring greenery to the smoggy city! πŸ™‚

Check out her website below:


2 thoughts on “Sept Meet: Gardening Time!

    • Thanks Rosie, you were fabulous and it sounds like people’s lettuce is growing well!!x

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