16th March-Junk!

One of the things that we’re looking forward to this year is getting more involved in campaigns. Something we feel have always felt passionate about here at BBWI are environmental issues, and following on from our ‘make do and mend’ meeting from last year we’ve got a fantastic speaker to kick off this years environmental pursuits! Siân Berry (whom some of you may recognise from her 2008 mayoral campaign for the green party, or her guardian columns) is coming to inspire us to see things differently. As well as being an active member of the green party, she has written several books on the subject including ‘Mend it!’ and the ’50 ways…’ to a greener life series and is involved in numerous environmental campaigns!  Her latest book to be published soon is called ‘Junk’, which is all about different uses for every day objects. This is going to be the basis of our meeting, so she’s going to be talking us through some of these ideas, as well as giving you a chance to have a go at doing it.

If you have any of these ‘junk’ items knocking around, please bring them along to the meeting and Siân will ensure you leave looking at it differently…
• Bottle corks
• Old neckties
• A worn out bamboo steamer
• Old Vinyl records

Look forward to seeing you all then!!