20 April Meet: Spring Tea Party!

As you can imagine, we here at BBWI headquarters love nothing more than an excuse to eat cakes, so we’re well excited about the idea of April street parties.  Whatever your stance on the royal wedding, you have to admit having an extra day off is excuse enough to celebrate.  So, we’re turning our April meeting into A SPRING TEA PARTY!  We’re going to have all the elements of a street party including old time music, and possibly a female choir singing live, but all within the comfort and shelter of our welsh chapel…

 If people are able to, it’d be fantastic if you could bring along a bit of food or cake (we’re thinking finger sandwiches, pasties, Vicky sponges, ginger beer or undecorated cupcakes* etc); we’ll bring along some food and also provide lashings of tea.  People are welcome to come along just for some tea and a natter, but we’re also going to fill the hall with activities:

 * WOOLLY CORNER: where you can get knitting/crocheting/cross stitch advice or tuition from our craft group.   There’ll be some needles for you to practice on, or bring your own if you want to take it home with you!  Even if you’ve never knitted before, we’ll get you on your way to knowing your stocking from your garter stitch in no time.  We’ll also be paying tribute to the royal wedding by knitting corgis!!

* BUNTING CORNER: If sewing is more your thing, help us make our very own borough belles WI bunting to use at our future farmers market stall/ future WI meetings!!

* CAKE CORNER  *Ice your own cupcake into a homage to the royals, or an easter bunny!  Make easter nests!

* MAKE STUFF FOR OUR STALL CORNER Make little lavender bags or cards for us to sell at our stall!

 If anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail us at and we’ll try our best to get it in for you!


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  1. Hi, this was our April meeting last year! Tonights meeting is guerilla gardening, the first entry on the blog! Hope to see you therex

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