19TH OCTOBER MEET: Let’s do the HOP!

“SWING SWING SWING SWING, everybody start to SWING! When the music goes around, everybody goes to town…”

Yes ladies, after the success of Beyonce and Belly dancing, we thought we’d get physical again to drive away those October blues!  As those who have come to either can testify, we welcome dancers of all levels it’s just about having a laugh so just come along with some comfy clothing & an open mind! 🙂

This time, we’re going old school for a bit of the Lindy hop!  Yes I know this is traditionally done with men and women, but hey, we’re going to do it WI-stylee with ladies only.

Lindy hop evolved in Harlem in the 1920s and 30s, as a dance to jazz.  It evolved from several different types of dance: jazz tap breakaway and Charleston, and though it declined after WWII, it was thankfully revived in the 1980s!  We’re going to have some wonderful teachers from  London Swing Dance Society & Lindy Hop Shop.  Those of you who came to the ‘big feastival’ may remember the fun times in the tent on Saturday!  I’m hoping if we speak to them nicely, we may even learn the LAMBETH WALK again!