15 August Meet – A Bike of One’s Own

While London is on the brink of Olympic fever, the best way to get round the city seems to be bike or foot. To help with this, we’ve lined up a cycling special for our August meeting. The London Bike Kitchen, a charity that teaches bike DIY are coming along to show us how to do some special checks and repairs on our bikes to ensure we can confidently free-wheel about the city.   London Bike Kitchen have a passion for getting more women out cycling and maintaining their own bikes – “Growing up, women aren’t generally encouraged to fix bikes or given access to knowledge about mechanics in general. As a result, women can feel like they can’t fix stuff themselves, or think it’s a man’s domain.  We want to do away with all this, and create a space where you are empowered to learn about your bike, share what you know (or just get on with it yourself!).”

Cycling has a strong association with the emancipation of women, from the fashionable lady cyclists of the late Victorian era to the cycling Suffragettes. In order to celebrate this amazing heritage of strong cycling women, we also have Sheila Hanlon coming along to talk to us about suffragettes and cycling. Sheila has recently organised an exhibition at the Women’s Library which explores the politics of women’s cycling in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Britian. Sheila has also has a fantastic Victorian cycling guide which encourages women to not only ride but to learn to maintain their machines which she will talk about at the meeting.  Come along to be inspired to get on (and mend) your bike!

At our usual home of Welsh Borough Chapel, 90 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 0EX.  Guests very welcome if you would like to come try us out!  7.30-9.30pm, doors open from 7pm.  Guests pay £3.