20 March: Quiz night with BBWI

Pencils at the ready, ladies. This month we have the very first BBWI Quiz Night!

Get to know your fellow Belles while impressing us all with your knowledge. The committee have been beavering away devising quiz questions including a round on the WI itself. Exciting!

There are some fabulous prizes to be won: books, crafty things, delicious treats and tickets the the Country Living Spring Fair! It should be great fun and fantastic opportunity to get to know both new and old members. As always there will be tea and cake, feel free to bring nibbles and booze if you fancy it!

We are also collecting clothes at this meeting for Dress for Success as part of a local clothing drive. Dress for Success is a charity that helps women on local incomes get a job and become financially independent. They provide interview clothes and interview training to help women feel more confident and start to believe in their own ability to succeed and move on with their lives. Each client is dressed by trained stylists in smart, high quality clothes to wear to her job interview before given some interview coaching. One in two of the women they help gets the job! We will be collecting any clothes & bags that are in good quality and suitable to be worn to an interview. Every single item of clothing you donate will help a women get a job!




3 thoughts on “20 March: Quiz night with BBWI

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  2. Hi, I’ve never been before and was thinking about joining – can I come along this week? I also have two suits that I think would be ideal for Dressed for Success. Gill

    • Hi Gill, We’d love to have you along, you’re very welcome to come along this week and also to join if you’d like too. The suits sound fantastic, we’re hoping to get a really good collection for Dress for Success, they do fantastic work. See you on Wed!
      Borough Belles x

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