A force to be reckoned with: invite to Shoreditch Sisters WI


The Borough Belles WI have been invited to go to the next Shoreditch Sisters WI  meeting on 26 March, where Jane Robinson, author of A Force to be Reckoned With, will be talking about Women’s Institute Campaigns of the past.

As we mentioned at a previous meeting, we were very excited that Jane had mentioned Borough Belles in it alongside Shoreditch Sisters. Amelia has read it and says it is brilliant and fascinating book. This is an extra special treat as Jane has been talking to Federations rather than individual WIs so we are really lucky to be invited along. This is the first time she will be speaking to WIs in London.

One the great things about the WI is that is has become a powerful voice to influence governments on a range of activity – improvements in women’s education, environmental issues and health. Soon we will be voting on resolutions (which means choosing the topic for next year national WI campaign). To inspire us, social historian Jane will tell us how the WI changed the world, about the suffragettes and social crusaders.

It is open to all WI members and there will be no charge for members, non-member guests will pay £4 on the door.

Please send us an email at by end of Wednesday, 20 March as we need to let Shoreditch Sisters who is coming along from Borough Belles.

And don’t forget our next meet is tomorrow: the first every BBWI quiz night! We hope you’ve been swotting up – there are some brilliant prizes to be won!

See you there!