Jane Eyre

Jane EyreAlex (one of our members!) recently attended a production of Jane Eyre at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in North London.   Here’s her thoughts on the play, on until the 5th May:

A bare alabaster stage and plain ivory  costumes, merely hint at the period – in an excellent use of small space, they navigate their way through carefully chosen text, with only a few simple chairs as props – atmospheric lighting is their incredibly effective and subtle accompaniment throughout.  There are good performances all round – with perhaps a little too much girlish hand holding at times, (rescued by some lovely one liners and quips from the supporting cast), yet it is the superb Helen Russell-Clark who keeps your attention throughout the play.  Her perfectly placed words and note perfect gesturing, give her performance the weight and sincerity that a lead role requires.  She tells Jane’s story with such truth and doe-eyed conviction that you cannot help but feel as captivated by her as Mr Rochester.