On unfinished projects…

Scarf, cushion and wrist warmers, all unfinished

Scarf, cushion and wrist warmers, all unfinished

Given that it is the beginning of May, it’s not really the right sort of time to be making New Year’s resolutions. Nevertheless, I am going to make a promise to myself. And that is to finish what I start, when it comes to craft projects.

A quick tally of my outstanding endeavours include some wrist warmers (one almost completed, one half done and slowly unravelling as it gets pushed to the bottom of the craft pile). There’s also a scarf, almost finished, except for sewing in the ends of the wool. It’s been like that for nine months. Winter came and went and I never wore it.

A cross stitch Christmas card wasn’t done in time to send out to a loved one last year. At this point I’m starting to doubt whether it will be ready in time to post it in 2013.

As if needed any more incomplete knitting, I’ve recently started making a headband, which yet again is about three-quarters complete but showing no signs of progressing any further.

And then there are the projects and sets I have purchased, or have been kindly given as gifts, which I have barely touched. Still, I insist on merrily going along my way, buying more wool and more fabric and more, more, more. Soon I think I shall have to open my own haberdashery.

I’m aware that I lack discipline and patience. But there really is nothing more exciting that starting on a new craft scheme. Looking through patterns, picking materials and learning new techniques are all fascinating.

But now I resolve to finish what I have started and not to get distracted from the end goal. Right after I’ve just begun this one new project…