21 August: Craft night

Belles! The theme for this month’s meet is crafting.

We’ll be running a number of craft tables for you to choose from – or visit all of them. These will include:

Fresh from the success of our Lost in London meet, the committee will be running a papercraft table where you can make all matter of bunting and paper hangings. Origami paper will be on hand but if you have any pretty scrap, magazines or other paper you would like to bring then feel free. Also on the papercraft table, we’ll be starting work on the next edition of the Borough Belles zine. If you fancy contributing to our do-it-yourself magazine, bring some ideas of what you’d like to do and cut cutting, sticking and writing. It can be anything from your favourite recipe to a collage of knitting stitches, to your top tips for things to do in Borough.

There will also be a yarn group for crochet and knitting. Feel free to bring any ongoing projects you have, however if you are a complete beginner, that’s ok too. Committee members and other Belles will happily share their knitting and crochet skills if you want to have a go at a new crafty skill. If you have any yarn hiding in your stash that you don’t need any more then please do bring it along.

And (because we love all kinds of cake) there will be cupcakes for you to decorate (and eat!) Icing and sprinkles will be on hand for you to make all kinds of delicious creations. Yum!


We’re also looking to do some protest banners with the Craftivist Collective and their new campaign #minifashionprotest. Prompted by the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh, the group are looking to raise awareness about where the clothes we buy come from. If you would like to get involved we will be making Mini Protest Banners on the night.

If you have an project on the go that you want to carry on working on but it doesn’t fit any of the categories, you can still bring it to the meeting, so long as it isn’t too big or too messy. Sketching, embroidery, quilting – we’d love to see what you’re crafting at the moment. And do get in touch with the committee if you have a craft skill that you would like to share with the group – we’re happy to accommodate more tables.

There’ll also be the usual refreshment table (please let us know if you would like to bring a cake) and plenty of chances to have a chat with the rest of the Borough Belles.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Where: At our usual home of Welsh Borough Chapel, 90 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 0EX.  Guests very welcome if you would like to come try us out!  7.30-9.30pm, doors open from 7pm.  * Guests pay £4 *

Don’t forget we’re still accepting donations on behalf of the Waterloo food bank. If you would like to donate, please bring any of the non-perishable items from this list to the next meeting,