And the winner is… The finals for Best Baker 2013

On the 15th Jan 2014 we held the finals for the best baking Borough Belle. Four had made it through to this stage and the excitement was high! On the day two of the four finalists arrived; Polly with her Rhubarb Crumble cake with a twist and Ellie with her Turkish Spinach Cake!
All the members and guests stuck in and tasted both cakes. Tea was drunk, wine was glugged and votes were made. The winner with her Rhubarb Crumble cake for the 2013 Borough Belle Best BakerAward was Polly. And Second prize went to Ellie for her vibrant and delicious Spinach Cake.
After the event we went in search to find out what had happened to the mysterious missing bakers. Cathy was still at work with her potential award winning Jamaican patties sitting next to her, that she’d searched high and low for the rare scotch bonnet chillies. She was sad not to get to the meet on time and missed the finals 😦
Nicole, we new would be sitting a little further away in Canada, however a clever plan to get her cake to the finals had been devised! It was full proof! Max her man would be a gent and drop it off for her. This was all great except for the fact he turned up a week late! We soon realised that they’d been given the incorrect date and therefore missed the finals! Max was left to eat a whole Brazilian Carrot cake with extra chocolate ganche all on his own!?!  As both Cathy and Nicole had been through the rigours of the judging and had made it to the finals we decided it would only be fair to make them both joint third place winners!
Congratulations guys 🙂
Here are a few words from The Winner!
I am enormously honoured to be the Borough Belles Best Baker of 2013! The fact that there were only two cakes in the final round, and I am therefore also the second worst baker does not in any way dampen the joy that I am feeling! Especially as the title came with many generous cake related prizes. I am very grateful to the wonderful Borough Belles!
I made a “rhubarb” and custard crumble cake. Due to having been baked in mid-January it contained no rhubarb, but it’s too late now, you can’t take the prize off me.
The recipe originates from Germany, where I am from genetically. It’s real name is “Rhabarberkuchen mit Quarkcreme und Steuseln”. I like saying Streuseln. 
I have made this cake twice so far, both times for and on behalf of the Borough Belles. Now that it is famous, I will make it on special occasions, for instance when I celebrate my 1st anniversary as BBBB next January. 
I have been coming (on and off) to Borough Belles meetings since April last year.  I initially came to engage in industrial espionage (I was researching the WI for professional reasons) but was so inspired (this was the month the wonderful women behind Lost London came to speak) and felt so welcome that I kept coming back.  Also there was cake, which is important. I recommend the WI to anyone who listens. It’s fantastic. 
Due to being criminally clumsy, I was not allowed in kitchens near sharp objects until I reached legal adulthood, so I have been baking properly since my early twenties, mainly to satisfy my own obscene appetite, and latterly the even more obscene appetite of my husband. I tend to bake whenever the cake runs out or there are prizes to be won. 
My most spectacular baking disaster so far occurred one Christmas, when I attempted to bake Stollen but instead created a brick-like object, which I still use as a door stop. My baking ambition is to make a many layered-cake like this one.
I have been very impressed with the quality and variety of baked goods on offer at Borough Belles meetings and look forward enormously to what 2014 might bring, especially if it brings at some point a pear tarte tatin.
Thank you again for my wonderful prizes, by the way!  And see you next month!
Re-launch 2014 Best Baker Award
On February 19th 2014 we shall be relaunching the successful BEST BAKER AWARD! It will take place on the third Wednesday of every month through to December this year. You can enter more than once and bake as many things you’d like!
At the tea / wine break guests and Belles will be open to try the goods on offer and at the end of the meeting will vote for their favourite on the BB Voting sheet that’ll be floating about.

If you’d like to have a go for this years title just drop a message on the facebook board  or speak to Emma Tunstill at one of the next meetings.

Hope see you at Borough Belle meeting soon!