February 2014: Saving our Seas

We were all very inspired by our talks yesterday at the Borough Belles. Jon started off the evening with a fascinating talk about the Giant Squid and his experience of working in the Natural History Museum. He told us about the free behind the scenes tour you can do; just ask one of the front of house staff for details!

Jon and the bit you don't eat of a squid

Jon and the bit you don’t eat of a squid

We then had a mini cake break to digest the information about not only giant but COLOSSAL squid that live in our oceans, with bakes from competitors of the Best Baker Award (see our BBA page for more details!)


Next, our very own Emily talked about her “Plastics Challenge” where she gave up single use plastic for lent last year. Being a Sea Champion for the Marine Conservation Society, Emily was very angry with the way plastic has been thrown away into our oceans and how our wasteful culture means our wildlife and environment are suffering. She decided to challenge herself to give up anything that comes in plastic packaging. Her challenge sparked lots of media attention and she even ended up on the radio and TV! A lot of the Belles have been inspired by the challenge and are going to try it this lent. If anyone would like to join us send us an email or comment on the bottom of this article and we’ll join together!


Finally, Sarah told us a bit more about what the Marine Conservation Society does. They are a charity that campaign for all sorts of marine-related things including Marine Protected Areas, cleaner beaches and sustainable fishing. One particular issue shocked us is that we should be careful of what body scrubs to use as some have tiny plastic pellets that get washed straight down our sinks into the sea and then get eaten by fish that then get eaten by us…

2014-02-19 20.38.07

If you would like more information about the MCS or how to get involved with their beach cleans or other campaigns they would love for you to visit their website!


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  2. Hi, I could not make the talk unfortunately as I had a prior commitment but I am really interested in joining the challenge, in a minor way because I have to cater for the rest of the family and a couple of kids I look after occasionally. My challenge at this stage is to shop sensitively and mindfully, reducing as much as I can but within the constraints outlined above. Hope it makes sense and I really look forward to hearing about the progress and outcomes of the other challenges.

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