Papercutting fun!

The Borough Belles were packed to the rafters this week with ladies trying their hands at papercutting. Lead by the lovely, Poppy Chancellor, we took to the cutting board with our scalpels and patterns to make beautiful Rob Ryan-esque creations!

Poppy gave us some great tips on how to successfully cut out a design with a professional-looking finish and it wasn’t long before some of us started adding our personal touches to the templates we’d been given.

A papercut tree

A papercut tree

Thanks to all the Belles and guests that came and had a go. Even if you’ve tried paper cutting before we hope you learned some new techniques or honed your skills!

The best thing we learned is that this craft is so cheap! All you need is a good scalpel, a cutting mat, some paper and imagination! (It also might help to build up a callous on your forefinger!)