People, Plants and War – Workshops with the Garden Museum


During 2014 as part of the centenary of the First World War, the Garden Museum’s learning programme will focus on the thrift, knowledge, skills and self-sufficiency used during the war by the people left behind.

As part of this fantastic programme the Garden Museum have offered to work with us to run some workshops to help us build new skills in gardening, growing food and flowers, making herbal remedies, face creams and soaps from plants and decorating/up-cycling ceramics. These skills will then be shared with the public at a Thrift Fair to be held at the museum in September.

The Women’s Institute was created during WWI (1915) to encourage more women to get involved with food growing.  The Borough Belles has been invited to these workshops for free! This is an exciting project to be part of and we hope at least one of these workshops takes your fancy! Workshops will run between 10.30-12.30 at the Garden Museum in Lambeth. These workshops are free for members to take part in and there are limited spaces. If you would like to take part – please join the Facebook event page or email us.

:: 6th April – Growing Food workshops – I

Workshop to teach us how to sow flower, herb and vegetable seeds. We will give them a mini-crate (wooden) each so that they can grow the plants at home on the window sill or balcony.

:: 4th May – Growing Food workshop – II

Workshop to create an edible garden in a recycled or up-cycled container.

:: 1st June – Ceramics Workshop – Up-cycled mugs and tableware to create commemorative ware

Using vintage china with patterns of flowers on, participants will add transfers with images relating to gardening and First World War.

:: 6th July, 3rd August, 7th September – Making things from plants – face creams, home remedies and soap

Workshops on making facial creams, home remedies and soap

We look forward to seeing you there.