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Cocktails and Pages: Black and White and Red all over

Our first Cocktails and Pages book club event kicked off with a fizz this week. We sampled the cocktail menu of The Jam Circus in Brockley and discussed in detail our thoughts on Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus (see the link?!)


We had a record number of attendees all with opinions, most with the opinion that the Circus sounds like an incredible place and the description was so involving. Some liked the actual storyline less than others however. The best thing about the night was that some of us turned up having read the book on Beth’s recommendation (the host of the evening) and would never have read it otherwise, and most were pleasantly surprised. We all wrote down our next choice of book club book and picked a title randomly out of a glass and the winner was…

An Examined Life by Stephen Grosz. Emma had chosen this book and is adamant we will all have something to say about it next meeting! If you’d like to join us, keep your eye on our facebook page and our blog page for details of where we’ll meet. There is also more information on the book on our blog page.


We’d like to say a big thank you to The Jam Circus who booked a perfect spot for us, a nice cosy nook that meant we could all hear and see each other, and made sure the drinks flowed as smoothly as the conversation. We recommend the Raspberry Jam and the Espresso Martini… hic!