At our March meeting we learnt the basics of belly dancing. Everyone turned up ready to shimmy and shake, but first things first, it was time to add some glamour to the occasion and dress the part!

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Our instructor for the evening, Sadiyya Vahed, got us moving with a quick warm up. Lots of chest pumps, knee drops and hip hits in time with the drummer got our hearts beating faster and loosened up the muscles after a day in the office.

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Then it was time to learn our routine! It started off simply with our newly perfected knee drops, but things soon got a bit more complicated when Sadiyya introduced the hip circles; left, right, forward, sideways and dipped. Next were some hand movements and we learnt how to do wrist circles and hand undulations.

Once we had all the components it was time to put it all together, this was much easier said than done, but Saddiya encouraged us to pull our most glamourous poses.

P1016931 (1)b

And after a few more practices we were on our own and looking good!

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For our final dancing flourish we tried our hands (and every other body part) at a bit of shimmying. Not quite as easy as Sadiyya made it look, but a lot of fun!

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We finished on a slightly more relaxing pace for the cool down and then it was definitely time for a refreshing drink of fresh mint tea.

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A very enjoyable and energetic meeting, thanks Sadiyya!