This month we got acquainted with our wonderful new venue at Better Bankside, where we made good use of the facilities (wine glasses) to embrace the glorious sunshine with a glass of rosé.

P1050951B P1050951

We also got a little better acquainted with our fellow Belles with a game of Social Bingo! This involves a ‘bingo’ card full of statements starting ‘A Belle who…’ and ending in all sorts of different activities, such as ‘grows their own vegetables’ or ‘was born in another country’. There were prizes up for grabs for those who could find a Belle to complete a row and full house first. Cue much chatter and laughter as everyone swapped stories and completed their bingo card.





With 30 different statements (and a fair few tangential conversations) we found out a lot about each other. Amongst other things, we learnt…

  • We have enough musical talent to set up a band, clearly demonstrated in this picture of sisters Catherine and Rachel, who alone play five instruments between them! (Alison in the background is practicing her triangle skills). And we have a couple of choir singers who could provide the vocals.


  • There are a number of adventurous Belles among us, including lots of mountain climbers (highest peak winner is Amy, who climbed Kilimanjaro!), eight camel riders and a marathon runner.
  • We also have a fair few crafters with many Belles having had a go at making their own clothes – Thea and Ruth even modelling homemade outfits on the night. Ruth continued the home-made theme with the amazingly decorated ‘Number 88 – Two fat ladies’ bingo biscuits which were devoured along with the other delicious homemade refreshments. Thanks Maureen (rose petal cake), Philomena (cheese scones) and Ruth (ginger Bingo Ladies)

P1050974 P1050988 P1050971


  • We have members with children of all ages, including mother and daughter Belles, Maureen and Hannah who were both there on the night.


  • The Belles are media stars, appearing on the big screen and small screen as well as the radio waves. Award for ‘Least glamorous appearance’ goes to (drumroll please…) our president Muireann, who featured in a straight-to-video Danny Dyer movie dressed as a zombie and smothered in vegetable soup to complete the recently infected look. Award for ‘Most exciting appearance’ goes to new Belle, Lesley, who used to read the letters on Woman’s Hour.
  • Although, with the Borough Belles around, there’s really no need to be making up awards as we’ve got plenty of genuine ones. Admittedly there’s quite a range, from Johanna’s primary school attendance award (which we’re sure took a lot of dedication, even if she did try to throw it away), to Emily’s incredible Points of Light award. Nominated by the Marine Stewardship Council, Emily received this award from the Prime Minister for her Plastic Challenge which raises awareness of the harmful impact of plastics on the oceans, inspiring people to take care of the marine environment. Well done Emily!

Emily Smith, Marine Conservation Society

  • And finally, speaking of good deeds, a fair few of the Belles have been helping out at home and in the community this week, check out our 100 Good Deeds to see what good work they were doing.

What an amazing bunch of women the Belles are (even if we do say so ourselves)!