Oh I do love to be beside…

This month the Borough Belles descended on Margate for our first proper all-day outing. Belle Emma tells all!

The day started off with an exciting trip on the train, during which we had to keep checking we were in the correct coach. Arriving at Chatham the speaker announced the train was splitting. None of the coaches were numbered which meant one of the Belles dressed in 1950s headscarf and bright red lipstick ran to the open doors and hollered to the guard on the platform:

“Am I on the right train!?”

We weren’t sure if he was taken aback by the random female in bright clothing shouting at him or the fact that it was the daftest question he’d heard. But he looked quite shocked. In realisation of the fact that this guard could not read her mind, our Belle added:

“We want to go to MARGATE!”

Still in shock he motioned that we needed to be at the front of the train pronto. At breakneck speed, belongings were gathered and we shifted through carriage after carriage to the correct part of the train, just in time!

On exiting Margate station, we found ourselves instantly looking out to Margate beach and the sea. The excitement was taken to the next level. A few photos en route down to Dreamland and we seemed to cause a little stir. Ahhh it makes me so proud!





Through the barriers and finally we were released into the park! At which point something came over us and we were running around like over-excited kids on sugar!!


Sometimes living in London and working crazy hours, paying bills and generally acting like an adult is overwhelmingly glum, not to mention hard work. It was so refreshing to laugh out loud, eat ice cream and go on as many rides as possible before feeling sick.


_MG_8663 _MG_8666 _MG_86682015-08-16 11.04.10 2015-08-16 11.01.45

Excitement can sometimes numb the normal sensations of awareness and rational fear. Which leads me to one particular ride I was encouraged to go on. pic below.

Yes as you can see, the Belles and I are standing in what looks like a bucket? Dungeon? Pit of hell? Cleverly I went into this ride having NO IDEA what the hell was going to happen…

This ride ‘The Barrel Of Laughs’ is all about G force. You all spread around, take a step forward, at which point the floor lifts and you take a step back, so you are pressed against the wall. It is at this precise moment that the room or ‘barrel’ starts to spin around and around and around and around. So much so that the speed causes you to be fixed firmly to the wall. And then…. Yes and then… The floor drops from beneath your feet. So you end up as a squashed fly stuck to the wall.

To stop it slows down and your body slowly peels off, letting you crumple to the floor.

An experience I can tell you!

We continued bounding around the park from ride to ride with our cat-eye sunnies and bright lippy. In the midst of this a local chap somehow noticed us and asked if he could take our photo for his blog – Promote Thanet, check it out here.


“I can not remember the last time I laughed SO much!”


“So SO much fun, can not wait till we go back next year”

_MG_8741 _MG_8742


Before we knew it, it was nearly lunchtime. This is where Dreamland has been great for the local community. They allow you to enter and leave the park when you want, allowing local businesses to get custom rather than holding us all in the park. DL it makes us love you more!

En route down our Alison had the genius idea to book a table for lunch (getting 13 Belles sat down at once can be tricky). She managed to get us all into GB Pizza which she’s doing heard good reports of.

GB Pizza didn’t let us down. Delicious light pizzas served impressively quick considering our mayhem! Highly recommend it!

IMG_4399 IMG_4400



After lunch the Belles split. Some to check out Margate’s vintage shops, some straight back to the park and the remainders to Turner Contemporary.

TC had a Grayson Perry exhibition, which was a fantastic thing to be able to pop in and walk round. The tapestries were fantastic!

TC is free and is worth going to just for the view out of the windows upstairs. Such a beautiful gallery.



Not many people know this but I am indeed a recovering ice cream ADDICT!

This place was fantastic as were the girls serving. Incredibly patient with indecisive customers like me, they let me test four flavours before going for coffee flavour – D E L I C I O U S!!


On the walk back to DL enjoying our ice creams we stopped to watch the volleyball tournaments on the beach (which was beautifully busy).

England v Scotland – women’s tournament and I think the English girls won!


Back for a final go on all the rides, finishing off with the BIG WHEEL. Do not underestimate the term ‘BIG’! The Belles took two cages, six girls in each… And some may say I had a bit of a moment when we reached the top and the wheel stopped. All the other girls were gazing at the view while I was doubled over in creases of hysterical giggles and tears – I was laughing at my own fear, bizarre I know!! Seriously though it is ?,*king high!!!


2015-08-16 17.06.00

2015-08-16 17.09.27


But you can not beat the sensation of putting your feet back on the ground ALIVE! Even if there is a giant bunny rabbit chasing a human carrot!?



The day ended with a quick dash to the chippy to pick up a fish supper for our journey home. Once on the train we devoured our fish ‘n’ chips, comparing sunburn and funny stories. Watching the sunset over the Kent countryside we concluded that the first Borough Belles day trip had been a superb success and should be an annual event.


I just can not wait till the next one.