Blooming Marvellous

The wonderful Helen Cranmer visited us in August to teach us how to make floral crowns. We all arrived with our bunches of flowers and foliage ready to create some colourful headpieces.

2015-08-19 19.25.57

Helen had prepared the wire bases for our crowns, so we dived straight in with choosing our flowers from the mini florist shop we had inadvertently set up in Better Bankside.


Starting with the basics, Helen explained how each flower and leaf needed to be wired so we could securely attach it to our crowns and manipulate it into the position we wanted.

2015-08-19 20.25.52

Helen showed us a number of techniques for attaching wire to the flowers, depending on their size and shape. Each piece of wire was secured into place using parafilm, a stretchy green tape that holds the wire in place and smooths down any rough edges, creating a flexible ‘stem’ for each piece.


Once we had wired all the flowers and foliage, we were ready to start assembling our crowns. Starting at one end, we layered the pieces over the wire base, winding the stems neatly around to secure them in place. Helen suggested starting with the foliage to build a good base, before adding the floral pieces.


By the end of the evening we had an amazing array of colourful crowns with an incredible variety in colour and style…

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Following almost two hours of concentration and creativity there was a welcomed chance for refreshment. This month we had a marvellous array of floral inspired treats at our refreshment table, including the absolutely delicious…




Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good enough to really make the most of our floral masterpieces after the meeting, but by keeping it in the fridge overnight (a top tip from Helen) a few of us managed to make the most of them during the next couple of days! (and spread the joy around, as seen in our collage below…)


ย You can find all the details on how to make your own floral crown in Helen’s easy to follow Floral Crown Making Kit