Actionettes Assemble!


October’s meeting saw the Belles throw some 60’s-inspired shapes under the leadership of three members of dance troupe The Actionettes!

They’re an all-female, London-based group who mostly perform to feisty 60’s female songstresses and have shaken their funky stuff at the Tate Gallery, the Design Museum and in the 60’s-based film Made in Dagenham amongst many other locations in the UK and worldwide. Formed in 2000 every member, past and present has a unique name including Miss Balconette, Cassette, Castanette, Corvette, Kitschenette, Luncheonette, Ringlette, Scarlette, Silhouette, Starlette, Twinsette & Velvelette!

Despite their formidable reputation and fierce dancing skills they were thankfully also very kind and patient as we lumbered through two of their easier routines with arms flailing, toes stamped on and multiple collisions.

Compute, compute!Concentrate, concentrate!

Actionettes: Do this....Actionettes: Do this….

Belles: Like this?

Actionettes: Now a little bit of this…

Belles: Oooh we can do that!

Actionettes: Give us some shimmy!

Belles: Wheeeeee!!!

There was much jubilation on mastering the advanced “Diamond” move and excited ‘whoops’ for doing the “Fonda” and if you’re ready to be blown away by our final performance in full – check out our video* here!!!

*Whilst viewing please hum to yourself, the tune to Aretha Franklin ‘Think’ – YouTube have unfortunately muted the sound for copyright reasons (boo).

There were lots of glowing ladies sampling the delights of our Hallowe’en-themed snack table afterwards with some very creative contributions from Amy (Graveyard Cake) and Rae (Ghoulish Dips).


On top of dancing, eating scary snacks and chatting, Christel was the lucky winner of the evening’s Borough Market raffle prize courtesy of Oliveology. Oliveology have a stall in Borough Market to share the culinary treasures and gastronomic traditions of Greece and the olive tree!

FullSizeRender 2

Huge thanks to the Actionettes and Oliveology and if anyone is considering auditioning for the feisty troupe themselves get your thinking caps on for a unique ‘ette’ name for you…. Belle Boroughette anyone?