Quiz and Fizz

Sadly, our Batik tutor was taken poorly at the last minute (get well soon, Olivia!) so the BBWI committee flew into action to come up with a new meeting…

Huge cheers for Iain, who suggested and created a fabulous festive quiz in two hours! You’re our Christmas hero!

The five teams settled down with their buck’s fizz, snacks and pens, ready for five fiendish rounds.


First up, 10 questions about Christmas telly! It proved to be a shaky start for some teams (On the Tip of Our Tongue and The Quizettes), while others fared slightly better and The Go-Getters took an early lead.


Next, we were quizzed on Christmas around the world. There were a few interesting guesses to some questions and some controversial ones – although we all agreed that the answer to ‘Before stockings, what did children in the Netherlands hang up on Christmas Eve?’ should include anything in the category of non-sock based footwear, rather than (the much more limiting answer) shoes. This meant a number of teams were pleased they got a point for clogs.

In the third round, Iain brought out the pictures! 10 Secret Santas to identify, i.e. 10 celebrities with fetching but rather disguising beards and hats. A successful round for most teams (not counting the accidental mix up of Dot Cotton and Mother Teresa), although The Go-Getters held on to the top spot for the third round in a row! There seemed to be a much fiercer fight for last place!


The music round began with a sad Christmas tale; poor Father Christmas’ favourite tape had gotten chewed up by a naughty reindeer and was now playing all of the songs backwards. It was up to the Belles to help him figure out what all the songs were. Thankfully, On the Tip of Our Tongue were up to the challenge, outshining the rest of us and scoring an incredible 10 out of 10! Could this affect the scores and knock The Go-Getters off the top spot going in to the final round?

Finally, 20 quick-fire questions for the last round of the evening and a chance to score some extra points if we can name all eight reindeer from Twas the Night Before Christmas (answer below in case you were wondering). Channelling festive spirit, the last question was in fact a terrible Christmas cracker joke! ‘What’s Father Christmas’ favourite pizza?’ One that’s deep and crisp and even – HO HO HO!

And with that, it was time to announce the winners! The Quizettes, with a game effort, finished just off the podium in joint fourth. They were tied with We Love Iain, their shameless attempt at gaining bonus points by flattering the quiz master clearly not enough. In third, their stellar performance in the music round leapfrogging them from lower down the table, was On the Tip of Our Tongue. Almost challenging the top spot in second place was Frankie’s Sparkly (Spangly) Shoes, meaning the victorious team, by three points, was The Go-Getters. A well-deserved, if not that surprising, victory as they were in the lead after every round of the quiz!


Well done The Go-Getters! Although, here at Borough Belles it’s all about taking part, so every team got a prize.


Massive thanks to Iain for giving such an excellent quiz and wearing a Christmas hat throughout! Thanks Iain!


Merry Christmas everyone! See you in 2016!

Answer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.