Lau-ha ha-ughter Yoga

A blog post by Christel Hernalesteen, Borough Market Officer

A new, exciting and adventurous year begins for the Borough Belles. We have decided to take 2016 head on and with a laugh! But first it was time to renew our memberships for 2016! Allison and Amy had set up a nice little table to welcome everyone.

BBWI Jan 2016-3

BBWI Jan 2016-4

It was wonderful to see so many new faces alongside firm friends. Our president Muireann took us through upcoming events (which you can find on our Facebook page), open vacancies on the committee and the announcement of Phoebe’s wedding in the West Kent WI magazine.

BBWI Jan 2016-5

Cathy Collymore, our Laughter Leader for the evening, took us through the origins of Laughter Yoga. She explained to us its history of being used as therapy and of course the benefits of laughter yoga on the body and mind.

BBWI Jan 2016-6

We first started out with some warm up exercises.

BBWI Jan 2016-7

Followed by some play to help us find our inner child and become playful and joyful. Standing in a circle we began with a zipping, zapping and boinging exercise that got the giggles going.

BBWI Jan 2016-8

Then we played in the jungle where 3 designated persons had to pose as either an elephant (2 ears and a trunk), palm trees (trunk and 2 branches) or James Bond with his beautiful Bond girls.

BBWI Jan 2016-9BBWI Jan 2016-10BBWI Jan 2016-11BBWI Jan 2016-12BBWI Jan 2016-13

Afterwards we were instructed to go about and talk gibberish to everybody. Some had very interesting conversations going.

BBWI Jan 2016-14

To finish we all laid down on blankets and let out a big laugh.

BBWI Jan 2016-16BBWI Jan 2016-15

And Cathy concluded with some guided meditation.

BBWI Jan 2016-17

A well laid out snack table filled with treats-that-make-you-smile welcomed us after this rejuvenating exercise.

BBWI Jan 2016-1BBWI Jan 2016-2

A great start to 2016!