Disco Soup-erstars

On Sunday 10th April, the Borough Belles went to Disco Soup at Borough Market.

The Disco Soup global movement celebrates solutions to food waste, by encouraging volunteers to come along and chop to the beat, as they create meals using surplus food that otherwise would have been wasted. Food waste is an issue close to the WI’s heart – and the subject of one of NFWI’s two proposed campaigns for 2016.


The Belles arrived and got put to work chopping veg, initially forming the salad team – lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, radishes and spring onions were all chopped up.


We then moved onto a selection of other veg and squash, celeriac and leeks were all dispatched. We were amazed that all the ingredients had previously been discarded as waste – they looked good to us!

All the chopping was thirsty work, so we took a break for refreshments. The drinks were all rescued refreshments, made from a greengrocer’s unwanted fruit that would otherwise have been thrown out. It was definitely a thumbs up from the Belles for the ginger beer and elderflower bubbly!


There were loads of activities to keep us entertained while the chefs transformed the chopped veg into lunch…

We made our own stuffed parathas with the Brixton People’s Kitchen, yum!


Watched a previous Masterchef finalist in a Ready Steady Cook challenge using leftover veg, listened to a local choir from Blackfriars, took part in a quiz with a pig and a strawberry.


And Amelia won a dance-off!


Then it was time for us all to share the delicious lunch. We thought everyone had done an amazing job turning food originally destined for the bin into a feast!


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