Creative Crocheting

Blog post by Ellie Simes, Social Co-ordinator

This Belle has crocheted before, but sadly never quite progressed to make anything of beauty or use. I was reminded of this when I went to dig out my crochet hook in preparation for the meeting and found it amongst a bag of small, discarded crocheted rectangles and tubes, all of dubious quality.

Feeling somewhat trepidatious about trying again, I arrived at the meeting concerned that I’d be behind before we even got started. However, as soon as the lovely Anna Nikipirowicz started talking I felt much more at ease. It was clear I was not the only beginner, so she started with the basics; for the common crocheting method, keep your yarn in one hand and your hook in the other. Easy, I was following the instructions with no problems!

Our first task was to create a chain. This would be the start of our journey to create a flower purse, one of Anna’s very own designs. With some clear instructions from Anna, we all successfully put the yarn around the hook and drew it through to each create a chain of 26. I had succeeded, along with the rest of the table, and judging by the contented hubbub, the rest of the room had too!

Time to learn our first crochet stitch of the evening; the double crochet. While being somewhat more complicated than our chains (double loops, double actions), with Anna there to guide us everything went smoothly and we were soon confidently moving on to the next step.

Unfortunately, this is where it all got a little hazy for me. In an attempt to create a row of trebles, and buoyed with my success at doubles and chains, I set to with my hook and yarn. Very soon it was apparent, something had gone very wrong. Anna seemed to think there might have been a little bit of turning, quite a lot of twisting and a fair few dropped stitches (9! How did I lose 9 stitches?! I only had 25 to start with!). I’m not entirely sure what happened, but one feels this was probably the point where the distraction of the tea table and some delicious homemade biscuits (thanks Ruth and Thalia!) finally overwhelmed my powers of concentration.

While I had been having some, ahem… issues, it seems the rest of the Belles had been expertly following Anna’s guidance. By the end of the evening we’d all managed to produce something that resembled crochet. Ranging from my efforts (by far the worst) through to the very charming beginnings of a number of purses for a lot of the Belles, to the finished articles by some of the more experienced crocheters.Fab work Grace, Lesley and Kiki!


If you want to have a go at creating your own flower purse (and others besides), then you can find the pattern in Anna’s book, available on her website, which also has loads of other lovely crocheting info and patterns: Enjoy!