Sort My S*** Out

Blog post by Amelia Parsons, Belles of Fire Officer

This month, our member Katherine Blackler gave the Belles some top tips to start sorting our sh*t out!

Katherine started her business, SortMySpace Ltd, after realising that she could apply the excellent organisation skills she used working in project management roles in the City to helping people tackle clutter in their homes. Always keeping in mind the William Morris quote, ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’, she tailors her decluttering service to her clients’ lifestyles to enable them to enjoy their homes fully.

We admitted that at some point in our lives, all of us have had to deal painful piles… of paperwork, toys, things to do and clothes. Katherine shared some great ideas for how we can get through these, thinking of both the practicalities and emotions involved in such a task. A common stumbling block when trying to clear out is keeping items that relate to a fantasy self rather than our real current self – gym clothes and cooking gadgets being common culprits. We should, rather, make sure that we lay out our spaces to enable us to access the creative activities we enjoy doing, such as crafts. Katherine recommends having a finite amount of space for the paperwork that needs to be filed or for clothing to be mended or upcycled so that your projects don’t become too daunting.

As President of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, Katherine has honed her approach to decluttering with influences from around the world, from Japan to Sweden, and tidying trends inspiring us online. We learned some genius and cheap methods for storing our useful and beautiful items in small spaces, including how to make our hangers work harder and turn wine packaging into a home for our socks.

Following the inspiring talk, Katherine asked us to note down what three tasks we’re going to do to declutter our homes – in six months, she’ll be in touch to find out how we’ve got on. The Belles are now buzzing with organisation ideas, and the first swish has been scheduled! We’ll also be collecting bras for Smalls for All at next meeting so get decluttering and bring us your gently worn bras or new undies!

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