Meet the Menopause

In April, we once again ventured into the virtual world for our second online meeting.

This month, we had a wonderful speaker, Claudia from Menopause and More.

Utilising Zoom for her first online talk, Claudia took us through her own journey to understanding the peri-menopause and the associated symptoms and life changes that can happen along with this change in the hormonal balance in women’s bodies.

Claudia described that there is a lot more to menopause than many can probably think of (its not just about hot flushes) and every woman experiences her own menopause differently. Considering around half of the population are women, it is surprising that up until very recently menopause has not been openly talked about.

Claudia’s talk raised our awareness of the peri-menopause and helped us to discuss together and reduce the stigma attached to menopause.  Claudia spoke brilliantly and passionately about the topic and we were fully engaged as a group asking lots of questions, even though, of course, it would have been better in real life!

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