Solo female travelling!

July’s meeting saw us welcoming back former Belle, Katy, who has just returned from an amazing two-year adventure. Lots of us had followed Katy’s journey on Instagram and had enjoyed seeing her pictures of food, amazing scenery, and unusual locations. 

Katy talked us through her highpoints over her long trip – kayaking in Antarctica amongst penguins, visiting amazing churches in Armenia carved from rock and about monkeys. 

One of the key things we talked about was how Katy had planned her trip by creating detailed maps using mymaps and google maps to save all the plans she really wanted to visit, detailed spreadsheets of countries’ weather, transport, visa requirements and tap water safety. 

Katy also really recommended the Lonely Planet Ultimate Eat List to help you eat really fantastic local food. 

We also touched on some of the more challenging aspects about travelling as a solo woman and when Katy felt really brave. Katy also explained how sharing her trip in real-time on instagram meant she felt connected to friends and family back home. 

It was really inspiring to hear someone who had such a rich experience of so many places talk about them so passionately. We could have asked so many more questions but after an hour and half of Katy patiently answering all our questions, we divided into breakout groups to share travelling tips or favourite objects from previous holidays. It was really nice to talk in smaller groups and remember what it was like to go on trips and holidays! 

A big thank you to Katy for speaking to us! Next month we are having a session on practical darning led by Belle, Kiki. 

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