Drag Queen Bingo!

It’s the new year and we welcomed it in style with lots of dazzle and good laughs thanks to Party with Ginger and Envy!

It’s been an eventful January planning for this meeting. At first, we had this pencilled in as an in-person meeting but Omicron thwarted our plans unfortunately. Ginger was very flexible and moved this to our usual Zoom meeting. Then sadly, Ginger, our drag queen bingo host, fell sick and had to call in her back-up, Envy. 

Nonetheless we had a blast! There was singing, there was dancing (special mention to Liz and Katherine for their sweet moves), there was a lot of laughing!  Envy was an exceptional host and provided smashing hits alongside the bingo game from our favourite divas, Stevie Nicks, Witney Houston, Dolly Parton just to name a few.

There were three prizes up for grabs for the first person able to fill a line, then two lines above one another in the same ticket, and finally a whole ticket. Each winner also received a virtual hug from Envy, which put a big smile on our faces.

Congratulations again to the winners: Kate, Elaine and Keiran!

To finish it off Envy sang us one last song and promised to come back to teach us makeup contouring! 

For those that missed out on the fun, or want to relive it,  here are some links to Ginger’s events!

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