Quick thinking and back-up plans in February

February’s meeting was all confirmed to be a book reading and Q&A with South London local Maggie Kaipah-Milne. Maggie has written a book exploring her feelings of abandonment when her mother and father left her in Malawi to come to England to start a better life for the family. We were excited to have Maggie join us but unfortunately she was unable to make it at the last minute.

Belles filled the time as we were trying to find out if Maggie was able to join us by chatting and sharing recipes; one for tepache seemed very popular.

When we realised we needed a plan B for the evening, quick thinking Belle Emily stepped in with a fun quiz she had handy on famous movie lines. Aside from being fun it gave some Belles a list of must-see movies to add to their lists.

Having set the theme with quizes (and who doesn’t love a quiz) honorary Belle Iain once again came to the rescue with another handily pre-prepared quiz. Rounds included (2020) current events, picture and music rounds and alliteration. Congratulations to Hayley for taking out the win.

All in all it was not the evening we had planned but with everyone in good spirits and thinking on our feet it was a fun session enjoyed by all.

Side note, it will be on the next committee agenda to make sure we have some planned back-ups for when things go awry in future.

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