Frugal living and money saving tips

At our September 2022 meeting we were joined by Lauren Philips, “aka Frugal Mrs P”.
Lauren is a Registered Nurse, mum-of-two, and member of Catford WI. She started the Frugal Student Nurse blog/ facebook page while training to be a nurse and shared her top tips on how to be more economical and also environmentally friendly. She enjoys music, and trying to be minimalist!

In Lauren’s talk she shared her top tips on:
• Resources and the Frugal Community
• Food
• Energy, water and laundry
• Sustainability and Swaps
• Bit of Minimalism

Lauren kindly shared a copy of her slides below.

During the talk Borough Belles shared their own ways to save money, here are our top tips:
• The Batch Lady cookbooks are great – we use them and bulk cook meals for the kids for the month, the Batch lady simplifies it all massively, and meal planning for the month has been revolutionary for us 🙂
• I just did jacket potatoes in slow cooker the other day which as really good
• Store lots of hard fruits in the dark in newspaper to help them last longer
• Ideas for slightly off milk included making buttermilk pancakes, sourdough, paneer,= and cottage cheese
• Reusing jam jars for preserving and IKEA has cheaper Kilner-style jars
• Make bottled fruits and veg by preserving as well so they don’t all have to be sweet things
• Buy good big pans from local shops in Brick Lane or Whitechapel road which are super cheap
• Stainless steel pans are ideal for preserving (they are not resistant to vinegar or acidic foods)
• Using an insulated kettle or flask to save boiling the kettle multiple times for hot drinks
• A knitted tea cosy also works well to keep your tea pot warm for longer
• Buying loose leaf tea from local zero waste shops and Bird and Blend in Borough Market sell them too
• There was lively debate about shampoo bars and conditioners for those wanting to reduce plastic consumption, others refilled their exisiting bottles at local zero waste shops
• Refer to the Money Saving Expert website has lots of tips and also offers vouchers/ freebies too
• Freeze apples so they are ready to use for crumbles
• Use your local library for books and also e-books and audio books (many have their own apps)
• Use cashback sites when making purchases online
• Use a heated dryer which is much cheaper than a tumble dryer (like the one from Lakeland)
• Check your mobile phone’s app, many have offers like O2 priority and My Vodafone does freebies
• Using a slow cooker which is less expensive to run than a full oven
• Install a Victorian kitchen maid pulley clothes airer rather than a tumble dryer
• Buy second hand clothes online from Oxfam and Thrift plus and Vinted, it’s much easier to search for what you want rather than having to trawl local charity shops
• Take reusable thermos/ mug and compostable tea bags with you rather than buying a cup of tea from a café
• Use railcards and group saver tickets when getting the train

A big thank you to Lauren for all her research and sharing with us her top frugal tips and also to the Borough Belles for all the great suggestions during the meeting.

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