Every year WI members have the chance to put forward issues as ‘resolutions’ that they want to see the national body campaign on. The resolutions that were passed at this year’s Annual Meeting were Appropriate Care in Hospitals for People With Dementia and Avoid Food Waste, Address Food Poverty. Further guidance and campaign actions will be sent by NFWI soon. In the meantime, you can read more by following the links.

his year, 85 resolutions were submitted. These were narrowed down to six by representatives from federations at a shortlisting meeting in London on 29 September. The next step is for you to consider all six and select the one you would most like to go forward for further discussion and final voting at the Annual Meeting in June 2017. The selection process is open to all WI members and you can make your selection by filling out the selection form found in the November& December issue of WI Life. More information about the six resolutions can be found here: https://www.thewi.org.uk/campaigns/news-and-events/current-news-and-events/resolutions-2017

There are, however, many previous campaigns such those around climate change, saving honeybees, increasing midwife provision and organ donation that you can still be involved in. Visit the Women’s Institute website for more details.