:: Wednesday 17 October: Women in STEM (Ada Lovelace Day): 7.30pm ::

As a celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, this month’s meeting is focused on all things science, tech, engineering and maths, with a panel of amazing women taking us through the work they do and their experiences as a woman working in STEM. Panelists include:

Natalie Cheung – Natalie is a civil engineer with a background in the railways industry. Natalie now works at STEM Learning to improve Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths education in schools. She is part of the team which delivers the STEM Ambassador programme in London, which links those working in STEM to schools and children.

Ana-Maria Cujba – Ana-Maria is a PhD student in the Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London. In her project, she is using stem cells and organoids (‘mini-organs’ made from cells) to model a rare type of diabetes called Monogenic Diabetes, in order to understand more about diabetes and contribute to potential therapies.

Ethel Cortegana – Ethel is a Chartered Geotechnical Engineer at Mott MacDonald with 8 years of international experience mainly in transport and mining projects across the UK, South America and Spain.

Prof Alison Leary – Alison is a local professor at London South Bank University, a registered nurse and a mathematician who uses data science to improve care/safety in health.

NB. If you’d like to join on the night please bring cash or cheque (£10.25). If you’d like to pay by bank transfer please make your payment by the Tuesday before the meeting at the latest.

We meet at Better Bankside, 18 Great Guildford St, London SE1 0FD.
Guests are always very welcome if you want to try us out – guests pay £5.



All creations warmly welcomed for our snacks table, sweet/savoury/homemade/not. NB. We have a couple of Belles with serious allergies. If bringing homemade treats please write a full list of ingredients – thank you!

Check out our Pinterest page for ideas. If you are making something yourself, take pictures as you cook and get your recipe posted with our partner, Borough Market.

WATERLOO FOODBANK Don’t forget we’ll be collecting goods for the Waterloo Food Bank at each meeting. Please see this list for items they need and pop a few in your basket next time you’re at the shops. Here are a few of the most needed items: tinned fruit (400gms), tea bags (80s), UHT milk (1 litre)


14 thoughts on “NEXT MEETING

    • Hi Judy,
      We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month so our next meeting is 18th June 2014. Hope to see you there!
      Beth 🙂

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  3. Hi, I had an idea for a potential speaker, or type of speaker…

    I’ve recently got myself a bicycle and have become aware that many women and gender-variant people (myself included), aren’t taught mechanics by our Dads (or Grannies or whatever!), and don’t grow up fixing our bikes. So it would be brilliant if we had a bike mechanic, female if possible to come and talk to us. I believe Lock7 near london Fields is run by female mechanics but not sure….

    Just a thought I had & decided to share 🙂

    Looking forward to tomorrow meeting.

    • That sounds like a great idea.

      I myself and an amateur cyclist and I know I would probably cycle more if I knew how to fix common problems.

      I’ll let the committee know and hopefully it will be appear in one of our emails soon!


  4. Are those of us in our late 40’s welcome? Not sure if this for those who are much younger!! Would love to come in Nov if I am welcome. Christine

    • Hi Christine,

      of course over 40s are welcome! Our members range in ages from 20s-80s, in fact a visiting WI member said we were one of the few WIs she had seen she would describe as cross generational! 🙂 Hope to see you at Novembers meeting! Cathryn

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