Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Blog post by Amelia Parsons, Belles of Fire Officer This month, the Belles were joined by Lisa Conway-Hughes for an insightful talk on aspects of our personal finance we should all be thinking about, no matter how many millions we have in the bank!   Lisa is a wealth manager who blogs as Miss Lolly andContinue reading “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds”

Singing in Harmony

Blog post by Laura Febbrari, Culture Club Officer This festive month, the Belles were joined by the talented singer and vocal leader Phoebe Osborne, to learn some midwinter harmony songs.       It’s important to do a vocal warm up before singing to prevent injury to the vocal chords, so we began with scales and humming.Continue reading “Singing in Harmony”


Blog Post by Amelia Parsons, Belles of Fire Officer This month, Belles arrived in a variety of sports gear ready for an energetic evening. We invited self-defence and combat instructors Tony and Mark to teach us some moves to help us feel confident in defending ourselves from attackers. Tony introduced himself and explained some backgroundContinue reading “Self-Defence”

Ada Lovelace Day: Women in STEM

Blog post by Johanna Wilson, Social Media Officer Every second Tuesday of October, people come together for Ada Lovelace Day, to celebrate women working in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). 2018 was the 10th year of Ada Lovelace Day and the biggest year with 170 events taking place all over the world. But whoContinue reading “Ada Lovelace Day: Women in STEM”