We are the Borough Belles WI Committee and we are a team.

We meet once a month to plan exciting new projects, outings and activities. We laugh a lot and have great fun finding new reasons to make Borough Belles the WI you want to be a member of.

We love new people and new ideas and are always looking for people to take on roles within the committee. If you are interested, drop Alison a line at for more information.

If you don’t fancy the commitment of being a committee member, we also welcome members to write the blogs for our meetings and events.

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Alison Pearce


There’s no two ways about it, I LOVE the Belles! Joining the WI was absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’d urge any woman to take a leap and give us a try. I work in Southwark with a small social network and through the Belles I’ve had many fantastic experiences, learnt a lot and challenged who I think I am. I’ve made some very special friendships too. I came as a guest twice before joining and I’m pleased I persevered. The first meeting was a talk so chances to chat were brief but after enjoying a fun Christmas craft party the following month I joined as a member in January 2015. My route onto the committee came through helming the running club and a stint as Secretary and has led to me becoming President – I couldn’t be more proud to have been voted in, now for the second time. 

Shared with Becky (Vice President), I lead our monthly meetings and chair the committee that organises our WI as well as penning our two monthly newsletters.

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Becky Marlow

Vice President and Film Club Officer

I joined Borough Belles in January 2017. It’s a great fun group with lots of social activities and opportunities to do and learn different things! I joined wanting to widen my social circle and I have certainly done that since joining!

This year I have been nominated as Vice President and I look forward to helping out in that role! I also organise the FilmClub – this was originally an off-shoot of the Bookclub. We are checking out all the cheap ticket deals at the local cinemas on the first Monday or Tuesday of the month to see the new releases and are also finding new and interesting ways to watch beloved films! Recent and upcoming trips include picnicking at an outdoor screening at the Barbican, drinking cocktails and watching in comfort on bean bags and I’m hoping we can try interactive cinema in the future too!

Christel Hernalesteen


As Treasurer I look after the finances for our WI. I handle the Membership fees, pay our expenses and manage our budget.

Emily, committee member 2020

Emily Simpson

Committee Member

I have been a member of the Borough Belles for a couple of years and it’s been great! I joined after moving to the area and doing some googling on groups and things going on in the area and I found the Borough Belles site. For quite a while I just checked in and read what they were up to and then one day I went along as a guest. I remembered going along to WI events with my mum where I grew up in Kent and I have very fond memories of the voluntary warmth the community gave out, there is just something special about that. It also feels like an important social and historical society that we owe to the world to continue with! 

It’s a great group of smart fun ladies and it’s refreshing to be part of something totally voluntary. No-one is forced or obliged to go and yet people just turn up week after week.
The monthly speakers have been fantastic and varied, I have learnt practical, emotional and financial skills through them! The fringe clubs have been awesome too and being part of the National Campaigns vote has been really interesting and satisfying. I would recommend anyone tempted to come along, to just have a try, I really have no complaints! 10/10

Johanna, committee member 2020

Johanna Wilson

Culture Club Officer

I joined the Borough Belles back in 2015. I came as a guest for a session on urban beekeeping and never looked back! It’s a really friendly group that makes you feel welcome from your first visit. As the Culture Club Officer, I organise outings for the Belles to museums, galleries and talks and am always keen to hear what people are interested in seeing.

Kiki, committee member 2020

Kiki Lo

Committee Member

I have been a Borough Belle for a couple of years and found that you could not be with a better group of women. They are always up for trying something new and care passionately about their community, social and environmental issues. There is something very special about being part of a group of people who are all from different walks of life and yet you will have an immediate rapport with them.

My background is in design, both architecture and textiles, but I do love cooking and since joining the Belles took on the challenge and improved my baking in order to help supply our stalls. I have now taken on a more of active role which entails helping to organise our cake stalls as well as our bi-monthly supper club which has become very popular and is a great way of getting to know fellow Belles.

Lara, committee member 2020

Lara Clements

Lido Club Officer and Raffle Rouser

Joining the Borough Belles in 2010 was the best New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made. I love hanging out with such a fantastic bunch of creative and inspiring women; I also love that the WI is the largest movement of women in the country and the campaigning voice that the WI has.  I’m really proud that the Borough Belles has supported such a great range of charities over the years – Choir With No Name, Waterloo Food Bank, Women for Refugee Women, Bloody Good Period, Solace, and this years charity, Bede House. Our trusty raffles have a crucial role in helping us raise money for these great organisations.

Lisa, committee member 2020

Lisa Ancliffe

Secretary and Wandering Belles Club Officer

When I moved across London in 2018 I joined the Borough Belles as a way to meet new people in the area and also to encourage me to get off the sofa and start doing more.

The Belles have certainly delivered on both points. It has been great getting to know such a wide variety of amazing woman that you wouldn’t normally find all in one room. After usually being the odd one in the office it has been lovely to meet people with similar interests ranging from baking and crafting through to campaigning and being green. 

I took on the role of Secretary in August 2020. I manage the member data so please come to me with any changes of details or queries.

I also lead the Wandering Belles walking club and am looking forward to finding some great walks in London and the surrounds to further shed my inner couch potato.

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Sarah Miloudi

Craft Club Officer

Keen knitter Sarah organises regular, fun crafting activities for the Belles.

Sophie, committee member 2020

Sophie Cranfield

Book Club Officer

I joined the Borough Belles in 2014 not long after moving to London, it’s such a fantastic group to be part of, I’m so glad I gave it a try! I’ve run the Belles book club, Cocktails and Pages, for the last couple of years. We meet bi-monthly to discuss a book we’ve all read over a drink or two. We try to theme the location for our meet-ups with the book we’re going to discuss, depending on the plot, this sometimes becomes very tenuous! We’re an open and friendly bunch and don’t take our discussions too seriously. Books are chosen from a hat, so everyone gets to input into what we read during the year and it’s always great to see everyone’s suggestions for some inspiration for what else to add to my reading list! 

Want to be part of the committee?

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