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The National Campaigns

The Women’s Institute has a long history of campaigning on a wide range of issues that matter to women and their communities. Over the past 100 years, WI members have campaigned to empower and support women within society, exerting their individual and collective influence. They have brought a series of controversial issues into the public domain and brought about many changes in legislation and government policy.

See the National Federation website for current campaigns and mandates and subscribe to their Campaigns monthly update here. For the latest news and events, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

How to get involved

Once a year at our AGM, Borough Belles members vote for or against the chosen national WI mandate/s for that year. Our votes are taken by our delegate to the National Federation AGM which collates all the votes, and the majority vote decides if a campaign goes ahead.

Women’s Institute Resolution and Mandates

We encourage all Borough Belles WI members to put forward a resolution they care and feel passionately about. Have your voice heard and make a real impact on local, national and global issues by getting involved in WI resolutions. Please talk to a Committee Member or email if this interests you.

Borough Belles WI is part of the national WI federation, and all WI members have the chance to put forward issues as ‘resolutions’ that they want to see the national body campaign on.

As a member-led organisation, the process for nominating resolutions is a democratic one, ensuring that each member has the opportunity to set the direction of NFWI campaigns and policy, from the grassroots up.

Resolutions go through a year-long debating and consultation process. Members shortlist resolutions for debate in Federations and individual WIs, before making a final selection of resolutions to take forward for discussion at the Annual Meeting in the summer. If passed, these then become mandates and form the basis of campaigning and awareness raising activities in the years ahead.

Resolution application forms are available in July each year, and the closing date for submissions is in September.

More information is available on the National WI website.

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